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 Black ops Zombies Round 30+ Team [PS3]

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PostSubject: Black ops Zombies Round 30+ Team [PS3]   Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:24 pm

Fill this application form and you might end up on the Black ops Round 30+ Zombie Team.

Psn: Babak24

Highest Round On Each Map

Kino Der Toten: 33
Five: 24
Dead Ops: 36
Nacht Der Untoten: 32
Verrukt: 33
Shi Nu Numa: 20
Der Reise: 30
Ascension: 33
Call of the Dead: 20
Shangri-La: 25
Moon: 15 (I hate this map with a passion)

Favourite Map: Ascension.

Knows Any Glitches:
A couple.

1st Spot: Me
2nd Spot: MisIeading
3rd Spot: OPEN
4th Spot: OPEN


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BRB Gamblin'
BRB Gamblin'

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PostSubject: Re: Black ops Zombies Round 30+ Team [PS3]   Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:36 pm

Ps3/Xbox: Yes / No

Psn/GamerTag: MisIeading / N/A

Highest Round On Each Map: (All rounded up/down guestimates, haven't been on zombies in a while.)

Kino Der Toten: 30+ (Solo'd 49)
Five: 20 (Solo'd 15)
Dead Ops: 20 (Never solo'd)
Nacht Der Untoten: N/A (Solo'd 63 W@W)
Verrukt: N/A (Never solo'd)
Shi Nu Numa: N/A (Solo'd 85ish W@W)
Der Reise: N/A (Solo'd 35 W@W)
Ascension: 30ish (Solo'd 54)
Call of the Dead: N/A
Shangri-La: N/A
Moon: N/A

N/A = Don't have map pack, so never played.

Favourite Map: Definitely Shi No Numa, but I need the map pack for Black Ops.

Knows Any Glitches: Don't glitch, all circles. Smile


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Black ops Zombies Round 30+ Team [PS3]
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