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 The DraynorBank Official Rules

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PostSubject: The DraynorBank Official Rules   Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:39 pm

The DraynorBank Official Rules

How it works:

Users will receive a notification to stop breaking the rules.
Users are permanently banned after multiple temporary bans when necessary.
Users issued a final warning will be permanently banned after any further infractions.

Users can also be banned immediately for breaking the most serious rules. (Staff discretion will be used in cases of particularly bad behavior. We obviously can't list every single rule here, but new members will come to understand unwritten rules as they interact with the other members of the site.)

Users will receive 1 day ban for the following:

Spamming: (in general):
Posting short, unhelpful comments (such as "cool", "nice acc," etc). This also includes "Free Bumps" for another user's thread.
Flooding a forum with replies for the sole purpose of increasing post count. This may also be a permanent forum ban in certain forums, especially if deliberate.
Posting comments with little to no relevance to the topic
Bumping your thread more than once a day (To Include "Delete Bumping")
Accusing Someone of Scamming: without proof (text logs DO NOT COUNT AS PROOF)
Begging: asking for free RS items, RS accounts (etc) or asking for a rank or modship.
Thread Hijacking: Offering your services/Sales on the thread of someone else's services or sales
Infraction Complaints: Making a topic asking about one’s ban (you may politely question your ban by PMing the issuing moderator)
Flaming: excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user
Trolling: harassing other members (malicious harassment of other members or intentional misleading of staff may result in a perm ban - "trolling" is not an acceptable excuse)
Grave Digging: This is self explanatory. If a thread hasn't had a post in several weeks or months. Don't post on it. (Exception: Spam Forum and some select threads. Use best discretion when posting.)

Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:

Porn/Gore: posting pictures, videos, links to websites related to porn/extreme gore, etc. The staff will decide what constitutes porn or gore. It is not for you to decide. Steer clear of posting anything which could be interpreted as this.
Disclosure of Others' Personal Information/etc.: you are entitled to disclose your own personal information, photographs, etc. in the appropriate places on the site, but posting information such as addresses, personal MSNs, photographs, etc. of other members without their permission will result in a 1 month ban. Likewise, selling Facebook (or other social network accounts) is also strictly prohibited.

Users will be banned permanently for the following:

Scamming: or any suspicious behavior similar to scamming or counter-scamming (i.e. attempting to scam), this includes Runescape name Sniping. This also includes:
Impersonating other members, posting vouches for yourself with other accounts, and any other similar behavior.
Impersonating ranks through the use of your signature.
Posting Infected Files: keyloggers, viruses, trojans, etc...
Interacting on Two or More Accounts/Sharing Accounts: you are strongly advised not to create more than one account.
Self Vouching: The first instance will result in a three month ban, but if there is a second encounter, the ban will be permanent.
Returning After a Ban/Ban Evading: If one of your accounts has been banned, and you return on another account, all of your accounts will be banned.


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The DraynorBank Official Rules
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