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 How to use the Bank System.

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PostSubject: How to use the Bank System.   Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:01 pm

This is a tutorial on how to use the banking system:

Draynor Bank is a site where you can deposit your RSGP and use it to gamble on such things as 50/50 wagers or 55x2 using the main site www.draynorbank.com.
To get an account you must make a deposit with either Trevmage, me, or an Official Banker.

Bankers are trusted members and will have a title "Official Banker". You can only make deposits with one of them.

To make a deposit you give them the money via in-game and they will send it to you via-db. To withdraw, you send the amount you want to withdraw to the banker via-db, and they will give you the money in-game.

When you do deposit/withdrawal, there is a 5% fee taken from that amount.

You gain 1% on the amount deposited each day and can withdraw from it at anytime, from an official banker that is online.

Good Luck and happy betting!


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How to use the Bank System.
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