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 Official Banker Rules.

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PostSubject: Official Banker Rules.   Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:32 pm

All Bankers, once accepted, must start at Recruit.

Each rank comes with its own insurance deposit that must be made. The total insurance deposited by a Banker may be withdrawn by the Banker at any time. To do this, the Banker must resign their rank and then wait 7 more days after being deranked without scamming. Insurance money will be used to refund a customer in the unlikely event of a scam by the Banker.

To be promoted to the next rank, a Banker must have been at the current rank for a minimum of 7 days. A promotion is not guaranteed at any point.

I reserve the right to start individual Bankers at higher ranks. This may be the case with players that I have already known for an extensive amount of time, as well as a couple of highly trusted individuals around the very beginning of the Bank because a few mid-ranked Bankers will be required.

Insurance deposit amounts and maximum transactions are subject to change.

The insurance deposit at each rank is:
100m (150m total)
250m (400m total)
500m (900m total)
1000m (1900m total)
Reserved for my own accounts

The maximum transaction a Banker can do at once is:


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Official Banker Rules.
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