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 Hello there.

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PostSubject: Hello there.   Hello there. EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 10:04 pm

Hello, community of Draynor Bank. I'm not that great at introductions, but i'm going to give it an attempt. I used to be a big dice fan, always betting with my friends before the trade limit, and bet as much as we could when we could. At the time, 100k was a lot just to look at. As free trade was announced, my friends started betting much higher values, and got addicted. Soon I started seeing dice games where people bet money just like I did with my friends. I tried it out as a host, and within time made my first 1m. Happy, I started betting on other hosts, where I got scammed or cleaned. After quitting for a few weeks, I came back and tried to get as much money as I could. I'd do some skilling, like fishing but I knew that wasn't enough. The first 100k I got I diced it and soon my next mil. Then lost it again, of course. Then as I heard bot nuke day was coming, somehow I knew I should start playing again, as less (let's say swordfish) meant higher prices. I was right. After making the next few mils, I started hearing of horse games. At first I promised I would never try them out, they seemed too complicated. As I go interested in drop parties, I followed Trevmage into one of his drop parties and decided to join his clan. It seemed like a more community based kind of clan than cora dyce, which I used to dice with. I started enjoying it, and decided just to be a part of it. As of today, I started horsing and did not know I could not horse without a rank, so I got kicked. Funny thing was I just lot 1.5m bet, (but won alot more, which evened out the 1.5m loss) I hope to soon be ranked in the Db community, it seems like a very nice clan. Well, that's the end of my introduction, hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello there.   Hello there. EmptyFri Jan 13, 2012 9:01 pm

Hello hope to see you soon Smile

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Hello there.
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